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Making a pizza (sorta)

A long time ago, way before ben-park.co.uk was registered, and even before I had a badly-named website for radio stuff called BJSProductions.co.uk (Update – now known as parkandgardner.com), I started a blog about cooking. My intention was to cook things I’d never eaten before, and also, to eat things I’d never cooked before. It still exists, in a very-much dormant state, at http://mrfussysmarmalade.blogspot.com (Update: These old posts are now on this website. See: http://ben-park.co.uk/category/food/mr-fussys-marmalade )

Before I started that, I’d never cooked a spring onion. I wasn’t entirely sure what one was. I can follow a recipe, but I don’t know how to make much, and I’m also quite a fussy eater. However, I did discover some new foods I liked via that blog, including sweet and sour sauce, and fajitas.

Also over the years I’ve got a bit more environmentally aware. Only a bit. I’m not a proper eco-mental. I still drive, and I still eat Royal Gala apples despite the fact that most of them have been sent from New Zealand. But it’s quite nice that most of what I throw out each week gets recycled. It doesn’t go to landfill.

Part of the reason I’ve not been eating Tesco’s supermarket pizzas recently is that they come in polystyrene/plastic that can’t be recycled. The other reason is that they’re disgusting. Italian-style my arse.
Until very recently, I quite liked the Italian-style Sainsburys pizzas (Sainsbury’s did them first, and don’t think I don’t know that, Tesco, with your “NEW” products in identical Sainsbury’s flavours). Also, Sainsbury’s pizzas come on cardboard slabs, with cardboard box wrapping. That’s right – recyclable. Continue reading Making a pizza (sorta)