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Ciao Burger – chicken burger

Last night after my radio show, I broke the habit of a lifetime (well…of the last year or so anyway) and didn’t go to a Miss Millies for a fast-food dinner.
Instead, I thought I’d try an alternative local fast-food outlet called Ciao Burger.
I’ve heard good things about this place from various people – one of them was one of my housemates.

I entered Ciao Burger and queued behind a woman who may have been drunk. I think it was English but it wasn’t really understandable. She wasn’t talking to me though, so what did I care.
I gave my order of chicken burger and chips – price around £4.20ish from memory – ever-so-slightly more expensive than Miss Millies, but not a deciding factor in future visits.

It’s at this point I realised I was quite bored and tired.
I was straining to hear the radio, which considering it was playing Radio1, was surprisingly good. Mark and Lard got mentioned a lot, and apparently Colin Murray was going to be having Mark Radcliffe on as a guest later on. Mark and Lard leaving Radio1 is about the same time I stopped listening to it to be honest, so this sounded like it would be interesting.
Apparently it was going to be on “soon”, and like I say, I couldn’t really hear it well enough to linger around the takeaway for the whole thing.

Now I know I’m meant to be trying to eat better, and that was the purpose of me going to Ciao Burger tonight, BUT if doing so meant missing a good radio show, I’d gladly accept Miss Millies instead, purely on a speed-basis. Maybe this is part of my diet problem.
Sadly, everything in Ciao Burger seems to be cooked fresh, so while it might taste nicer – it wasn’t fitting in with my then-ethos of “get out quick and put the radio on at an audible level”.

Shortly after (but it seemed like longer), my food was ready, and after a member of staff assured me I would be back and I’d love their food (I guess he knew from how I read each and every poster for every local music venue in there, that I hadn’t been in before), I left with it.

Home, and I’m slightly uncomfortable about the amount of salad that’s in this.
What I wanted was a chicken burger with barbeque sauce.
What I didn’t really want was half a lettuce, half an onion and possibly some more vegetables all crammed in there.
The chicken is a lot nicer cooked, it’s not coated in all the spices and stuff, which is a shame – but I have to admit it tastes fresher, and.. alright I’ll admit it – the chicken tasted nicer.
I ate about 1/4 of it, before I decided to remove the lettuce and onion as they were spoiling an otherwise-perfect takeaway burger.
The chips were cooked – which is an improvement on how shockingly bad Miss Millies was last week (the reason I was here tonight), but they were so salty I was forced to have a drink with my meal. They’d included an extra unopened salt sachet in with it too, just in case I wanted even more.

So overall, I suppose it is better. Healthier. Although with more salt.
That said, I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet. I still prefer banana flavouring to actual banana. Really, I want the same old greasy chicken burger I used to have – but cooked better. I’ll probably just take a detour next Thursday and go to a different Miss Millies.

Miss Millies

I’m very disappointed with myself today. I slunk back to my old ways of chatting on msn, downloading music, watching tv, sorting radio stuff, and not getting around to cooking anything at a decent hour.
About 22.30 I decided I was really quite hungry, and as I’m working tomorrow and need to be awake and make a good impression, I really can’t just skip dinner tonight entirely – because I know I’ll be exhausted tomorrow if I do.
Thing is, if I start to oven myself a pie and chips now, I won’t be eating for another hour.

After my oriental stir fry the other night, I froze half of the chicken that I didn’t use. I had intended to take it out the freezer this morning to thaw out in the fridge, and then cook the rest tonight in a repeat stir fry.
As anyone who knows me is well aware though, I’m never on-time for anything. In my rush to get to work this morning, I forgot to take it out the freezer, so I don’t really have anything much I can cook quickly.

So I decided to go to Miss Millies tonight for some greasy fried chicken and chips.
I normally go Thursday nights after my radio show (finishes at 22.00), but if I remember to take the chicken out the freezer tonight, then I can eat the rest of the oriental stir fry tomorrow night. Problem solved.

It has to be said that the food in there has gone right downhill in the last couple of months. There used to be a Spanish girl who worked there, and aside from having very random conversations where I didn’t understand half of what she said, and she didn’t understand half of what I said – she at least could cook some chips all the way through.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a crappy job and I wouldn’t want to work there (the girl from Spain moved onwards and upwards somewhere else), but tonight, half of the chips weren’t cooked properly, and I’m not convinced all the chicken was cooked either. They’re not even cooked by the same person so I don’t know what’s going on there.

It’s clearly a good reason to improve my cooking. Or at least go there on a different night.