MySpace, BJS and Other Stats

A few years ago, I had a personal MySpace page. And I also had a collective-type one, with the other members of BJS Productions.

Well, I’ve been looking at the statistics for BJS recently, and it doesn’t look good.

In the last 2.5 years, BJS has had referrals (someone comes to BJS via another website) from a variety of sites. 863 visitors arrived at our site via Google, for example.

Twitter (which I am quite into these days, but wasn’t when the statistics started counting) sent 140 people our way.
Even Bing (who?) gave us 18 visitors.
I also got BJS mentioned on another website, by writing a silly spoof email to the MarketingDonut, which got us 2 visitors.

MySpace? Well, there’s no easy way to say this. Maybe this graphic will help:

(Click to enlarge)

No traffic sources included “myspace”.
Pedants: The graphic shows 3 years, but there are no visitors at all for the first 6 months.

I wondered if it shows as something other than “myspace”, but I’ve been through the entire list, and accounted for every visitor.
Even Facebook got us 7 visitors, which isn’t too bad, given that I never log into it.

When you consider how much time and effort I spent trying to get the sound files small enough, or our audio clips short enough, to get around MySpace’s weird restrictions, it definitely isn’t worth it. We did use it to have a brief discussion with a couple of radio presenters, and I have pestered model/TV presenter/occasional-actress Zoe French through it, but that’s no real reason to use it more. (She has a publicly viewable profile here, for you lot who didn’t get her to accept before she went private.)

This is all pretty poor though, when you look at the stats for my personal blog (this one you’re reading). I’ve only had this up and running in this location, in this format, with working statistics, etc. since around Christmas 2010. Just over 3 months.

So, with this blog, just since Christmas

Google sent me 325 visitors.
Twitter – 292.
Bing – 2.
A referral/guest-post from the blog – 6.

The Twitter one is an odd one, as half way through my time on Twitter (I think I joined in 2008), I changed my “homepage” in the profile, to this blog, and away from Regardless, I’ve got more than double the visitors to this blog (since Christmas), than I did in the 2 years previous, when it was set to BJS Productions.

Is it because Twitter has had such exponential growth? Is it because I tweet more than I used to? Is it because this blog is updated more than twice a year? Who knows.

There’s no getting away from the fact that Google sent me 325 visitors since Christmas, in contrast to the 863-in-2.5-years of BJS. Clearly BJS needs to change. And it is. Me and Stephen (we bring the BS to BJS!) have dropped any mention of BJS from our Twitter accounts. More on that front coming…well…err… just as soon as we assess how to revolutionise and reassign our output configuration. To the cloud.

Edit – 08/04/11 – 10:40

@KhurmArshad has contacted me.

My word.

I’ve double checked mine, and for this blog, we actually have more visitors using Windows 7, than any other version of Windows. We had one Windows 98 user to BJS in October 2010. That’s as old as we go.

(Note: This post was updated on 29th November 2012, to remove links to, which is now known as

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