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Sportsdirect – very poor customer service

It’s not often I blog about things I’ve bought in actual physical shops. That’s because I don’t shop in person often. However, yesterday I shunned my Amazon account, threw caution to the wind, and went into a branch of Sportsdirect near where I work. I wish I’d checked out their online reviews first, but I didn’t. Lesson learnt – internet = better.

So Friday 3 May, I went into Sportsdirect, Cribbs Causeway. I went in looking for a suitcase, and saw some things that looked like suitcases. Continue reading Sportsdirect – very poor customer service

DAB. What a load of rubbish it STILL is.

I’ve recently bought a new (to me – it’s over 10 years old) car, and I’m struggling to decide if I can be bothered to take out the radio that came in it, and install my old DAB one back in.

The stations I mostly listened to on DAB in my old car, were Nation Radio, Absolute Radio, and XFM. And a little bit of 6music. And sometimes Absolute Radio 90s (but the sound quality is rubbish compared to the other Absolute stations, and it’s off-air for half of Saturday when it becomes Absolute Radio Extra, and broadcasts sport).

However, sadly, MXR Severn Estuary is closing down in a few months on 29th July 2013. Continue reading DAB. What a load of rubbish it STILL is.

Phishing/telephone scam

I’ve been on the Internet for long enough to know to ignore phishing emails (Paypal has lost ALL my details? What? Again?!), dodgy links (free s3xx0r in MY area!), and anything that claims to have information on my police record (I don’t have one), but something happened today that I’ve never had before. A phishing phone call. (Not sure that’s even the right term as it didn’t happen electronically. Phroning?) And as the various pennies have only just dropped, I thought I’d write about it. Continue reading Phishing/telephone scam

Is it just my bad luck, or is Skype a bit rubbish?

I’m just about to give up with it.

I’m going to start doing a regular podcast, and I thought IF anyone ends up listening to it, and IF they want to give some feedback, they could call us on Skype and leave a voicemail, that we could play back during the next podcast. But it’s not to be with Skype. It just doesn’t work for me. Continue reading Is it just my bad luck, or is Skype a bit rubbish?

Delivery/Collection “times”

Someone I know tried to buy something in a large hardware store recently. They were told at the start of the conversation that when purchasing, they could pick a convenient delivery time. The words “time slot” might even have been used. When that part of the purchasing process was reached, it transpired that by delivery “time”, they really meant delivery “day”. A whole day. Not even morning or afternoon. £20 delivery charge, and you must take a day off work to accept delivery of the product we’re charging you for. And it was only coming from 3 miles away. Bit crap, isn’t it? Continue reading Delivery/Collection “times”

“No DSS”

(I meant to write this post months ago, but I was busy, then I forgot all about it. Recently, I overheard a few people discussing some articles they had read in some piss-poor excuse for a newspaper, about benefit claimants, as if the story was factually accurate. While I held back from shouting “ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS!” and/or laughing in their faces at the time, I’d like to use this opportunity to vent.)

A few months ago, I was looking for a new place to live. I was also unemployed.

Gumtree is always awash with people renting rooms. Hundreds and hundreds of them. And despite me seeing the same properties listed, and relisted, and relisted again – because the owners or occupants clearly can’t find anyone to move in, when I emailed asking politely if they would consider someone on benefits, and “either way could you let me know” – most of them completely ignored me. Which is rude, whichever way you look at it.

And that’s just the private ads. There was (and is) agencies listing and relisting and relisting (on Gumtree, Easyroommate, and other sites), like some form of house-based spam. Some of them pretend to be private landlords, for some reason. I was onto you “Lauren” and “Riccardo”. I’ve even seen “Lauren” advertising multiple properties in different locations with the same internal pictures. I emailed you twice and you couldn’t be bothered to reply to either. Well fuck you, fake “Lauren”. Continue reading “No DSS”

Oh ffs iTunes!

I’m a Mac user, but I know we’re still in the minority. Consequently, I hear (Windows-using) people bang on about how much they hate iTunes on a daily basis. It’s never been a problem for me on a Mac. Not that is, until now.

When trying to download a (free) bit of software from the App store this morning, after entering my password, I was asked to enter it again and then complete three security questions. Seems a bit overkill from the start – even my bank don’t need this many separate levels of security. Then I got to the questions. Oh dear. It’s my least favourite type of security questions. That’s right – it’s the ones where an American has decided what questions you can pick from. Continue reading Oh ffs iTunes!

Inadequate toasters

I’ve recently moved into a new houseshare. Not just new to me – new to all the people I’m living with. It was let as semi-furnished, so had a couple of fridges and a cooker, but no kettle or toaster. For a few days I made do with using the grill to make toast, but after several very-nearly-burnt-despite-standing-in-the-kitchen-with-it scenarios, a toaster was in order. As I bought the kettle, one of my housemates was going to buy the toaster. But being French, he was unaware of a major problem which must surely be causing distress right across the UK. Continue reading Inadequate toasters

20mph speed limits?

So according to the Bristol Evening Post, the council are considering a 20mph speed limit on the entire city.

Why don’t you just ban drivers entirely? If you want to encourage cycling and walking that much, just ban all the cars. But you can’t, obviously. How would people get things from one place to another? Have you ever tried getting a wardrobe on a bicycle? Or 8 bags of shopping? Or a desktop computer? (No, I haven’t either.)

“The ruling Liberal Democrats are committed to a citywide 20mph speed limit and set aside £150,000 towards the project in this year’s budget, despite the worst cuts in the council’s history.”

Does this sound like the maddest thing in the world to anyone else? Continue reading 20mph speed limits?

How to advertise a room/property/flatshare

I’ve recently been looking for a room to rent. This is made more complicated because I’m unemployed and need to find someone who accepts that. However, some people seem so clueless when placing adverts, and I’d have some of the same issues if I was an employed person. I’ve actually advertised several rooms before – on behalf of a very hands-off landlord – back when I lived in a shared house a few years ago, so I feel I can safely judge you all for your bad adverts. Ha.

Here’s a list of 15 common mistakes I’ve noticed over and over again (in no particular order): Continue reading How to advertise a room/property/flatshare