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*Almost* textbook lazy scam job offer

This is an *almost* of the job email scam world. Let me show you.

from Kuame King madelineblankleyyt524@yahoo.com
to sadders1990@hotmail.com
date 24 August 2011 07:21
subject Position available – ID _ (M13141674062393014610)..
Signed by yahoo.com

So far, so typical.
Insanely long job ID, rather than an actual title that might explain what the “job” is.
Sent from a Yahoo email address which bears no resemblance to the name of the sender. Perfect.
Sent to a Hotmail address, and BCC’d to one of my email addresses so I both get it, and know that it is spam. Textbook. Continue reading *Almost* textbook lazy scam job offer

Gumtree Job Application

I’ve been looking for work recently, and I’ve applied for a lot of things.

There’s been a lot of timewasters so far, from scammers on Gumtree, to jobs on more-commonly-legit websites (Reed, Jobsite, etc.) which are not really jobs – but actually paid courses. “No experience necessary”, because they train you at a cost of several thousand pounds to start with.

I can’t remember what I applied for on this occasion, but this is what I’ve just received via email. I have not emailed the address who sent me this email, and they handily haven’t included my original message in the reply. Continue reading Gumtree Job Application